Suit Up, Iron Man!

Need a little touch of neon in your life, but not in the mood for a good old-fashioned glow stick?

Well, Funko’s got your back!

I can summarize my excitement in just two words: Black… and Light! And yes, I’m still talking about Funkos. And why am I excited about this, you ask?

Well, it’s because resting beside the words Black and Light, are the words Iron and Man! It’s a whole new neon-slash-retro Pop that resembles everything great about Marvel. This is not a drill. This is not an exaggeration. Because as the world progresses into a more technologically-advanced place, even the smallest changes in the things we love to have and collect are super worth the hype!

Iron Man has always been considered as one of the best superheroes to ever exist in the Marvel Universe. He is a true-blooded Avenger whose story has touched millions of viewers and made their heart flutter, whether it be saving the world, being a good partner to Pepper, or just merely being his wise-cracker self.

In this new Funko collection, I found myself impressed at how the figure reflects black light and gives a soft neon appearance that is enough for anyone looking for a pop of color in their collection. The color combination is so perfect that it satisfies the aesthetic standards set by collectors everywhere.

This Funko Pop doesn’t need an actual black light. The only thing I had to do was turn off the lights, and in the almost pitch-black darkness, Iron Man was just there, shining in all its neon glory. The lights were dimmed, then I shone a UV light onto it, and voila! A bright effect is shown, depicting an Iron Man that’s less ordinary and more fun!

As a collector, it pleases me to know that a brand like Funko Pop always comes with new and unique ways to put a little twist on their products.

Iron Man in a neon suit would be such a sight. Can you imagine? Then he’ll be saying one of his famous quotes, like “I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one”. Now that would be amusing and equally fun.

So if you don’t want to miss out on this awesome collectible, I suggest you grab one now. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Krillin Vs. The Saibaimen

You know what day it is? It’s Talk-about-Epic-Characters Day!

Considering how Dragon Ball has made a big impact on almost everyone’s childhood, I figured what’s a better way to start off than with a character whose contributions surely made the series much more meaningful? Krillin has made history, not just for being Goku’s best friend, but also because of the multiple times that he died in the series. His storyline gained a lot of praise from fans, and, unsurprisingly in this modern age, resulted in hundreds of memes. Take a look at a couple below:

Even though a lot of memes poke fun at Krillin, I still can’t help but like his character. Especially the way he avenged the death of Yamcha during the battle with the Saibaimen. In commemorating the epic fight and strength delivered by Krillin, Tsume has built up a High-Quality Statue depicting the scene where a different side of Krillin was shown.

Cast your eyes on this, guys, HQS Tsume sculpture showing Krillin’s anguish and exasperation. The emotions he felt from seeing Yamcha get killed by the Saibaimen are etched on his face and body language after emitting his power move “Scatter Kamehameha” or “Scattering Bullets”. Known for being usually calm, this scene showed that Krillin can be as strong and fierce when he needs to be.

His power attack killed the Saibaimen in one fell swoop, which is depicted through the quite realistic destruction of the Saibaimen’s bodys: eyes popping out of their heads, bodies being thrown up in the air and exploding into pieces, and the LEDs enhancing the waves of Krillin’s attack.

This sculpture has perfectly captured one of the best scenes I have ever witnessed in the entire Dragon Ball Series. If you’re like me who has a fondness for having tangible mementos of historic anime moments, I can say that the Krillin Vs. The Saibaimen HQS from Tsume is the best gift you can give yourself.

Seedology Café at The Top!

Congratulations is in order for the coolest pop culture cafe in town!  

Guess who won a spot in the top 10 Hidden Gems for Dubai Food Festival?

You got that right! It’s Seedology Café, one of the best cafés the city has to offer! 

Seedology Café made its staff, patrons, and newbies proud as it snatched up a place in Zomato’s Hidden Gems. 40 food places — equally scrumptious and beloved by customers for their signature dishes and offers — competed for the coveted Top 10 places. People all across Dubai voted for their favorites, to help feature them in Dubai Food Festival.

There were plenty of restaurants to choose from, ranging in different cuisines originating from various parts of the world, like Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, European, and of course, Emirati.

Dubai Food Festival and Zomato truly shed light to the undiscovered magic of these 40 restaurants, and on the day of the announcement of winners, the light shone brighter as the Top 10 were unveiled.

It is indeed a proud moment to all Seedology fans and especially for me to witness how this café has beaten all odds and is among the top Gems of Dubai! 

Seedology Café which is only 2 years old has already been consistently climbing up to greatness. Who knew a once-simple food place with only one branch could grow bigger and bigger within just a couple of years?

Well, I together with other patrons, have always known that no matter how a restaurant or cafe started small, its success will always depend on its service to the customers. Seedology has proven once again that it offers top quality service and dishes that will consistently satisfy your taste buds and dining experience.

For two years, I have witnessed the growth of Seedology, but the humility and uniqueness in its food still stands out among others. Being health conscious has never been this fun, and that’s what Seedology is aiming for: to cater to healthy guilt-free meals while satisfying our emotional and mental health at the same time through its engaging games and entertainment.

Seedology Café never ceases to uphold its mission and values to provide the best service possible, offering the city a wide array of dishes and delicacies that match any kind of palates one might have. It’s magical touch in pop culture also screams endless creativity and possibility! Being called a Hidden Gem shows that Seedology will always provide its fans with a perfect blend of healthy, funky and scrumptious meals to satisfy your cravings. 

It truly is a Gem, and it deserves all the recognition it gets. Seedology has done it again, impressively and impeccably. 

Not Your Ordinary Dates

Another day in quarantine means another day of talking about one of the most important topics in the world: FOOD! 

Foodies, hear me out, our topic for today is a staple here in our country. It’s one of the most popular fruits here… Can you guess what it is? 

Well, it’s dates! These little fighters are more than their size and what they look like. And you can make many types of delicacies out of them! They’re literally used as ingredients in many dishes. Other times, they’re served with other fruits and nuts, and they can also be dipped or covered in chocolate! Magical, right? 

Well there’s more to that. Many chefs and food experts keep coming up with different dishes that involve dates. In Seedology Café- the main focus is bringing twists to typically normal food, for both children and adults to enjoy.

It features breadsticks and a blend of date molasses & sesame paste garnished with sliced pistachio! And a pretty catchy name: DATELLA! 

What I love about this – and I’m sure you would too – is how the dip came about. A proportionate amount of date molasses is blended with sesame paste to give off that unique balance that is actually quite too good to be described in words. Each serving of the dip is a delicious reminder of Emirati delicacies that people of different nationalities can taste and enjoy. 

The creation of Datella was inspired by a desire to develop a snack that matches the taste of adults and children alike. It also embodies the influence of dates in the country’s cuisines. Adding the sesame paste adds an additional benefit and serving it with the breadsticks are a unique twist that is perfect for anyone who wants to explore new palatable adventures. 

Growing up, I enjoyed crackers and breadsticks dipped in chocolate and other sugary dips that satisfy my sweet tooth. Now, I look at opportunities in which I can turn sugary food into healthy ones. And thus, many experiments were done to find the perfect composition of date molasses and sesame paste to satisfy that sweet craving. 

Dates are high in antioxidants, fiber, and they are a great healthy substitute for white sugar. Sesame seeds are also a great source of fiber and vitamins and has shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure inflammation amongst many other benefits. 

The best way to truly capture the essence and understand what makes Datella so perfect is to try it for yourself. Put on your inquisitive hat and try out this new dish, only available in Seedology Café. I can’t wait to hear about your experience in trying out Datella!

Next Stop: HAWKINS!

Quarantined with your family or friends? Here’s a way to fight that lockdown fever together!

If you’re itching to find a new adventure even if you’re just at home, Hasbro and The Little Things got your back! Get your game faces on and join the AV Club and the rest of Hawkins Heroes for a game of monopoly.

It’s Stranger Things time with the Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly set. 

The box resembles the vintage 1984 TV as shown in the show, and the board shows images of different scenes. I really think this is a really nice touch to pay homage to this legendary show. 

While the visual structure of the board game still retains that of a typical Monopoly game, the houses and hotels are replaced with forts and hide-outs. These hide-outs glow in the dark! One of the properties is the Starcourt Mall, which is a concrete reminder of the famous battle between Eleven and the Demogorgon. Additi300975937637919onally, the regular 6-sided dice is MIA, as it’s replaced by a 4-sided die which glows in the dark as well! It really makes me feel like I’m in Hawkins and the Upside Down.

My favorite part of the entire board game is the set of tokens. They are literally like little mementos from the show.

We have:

• Eleven’ Eggo (which seriously should always be present alongside anything Stranger Things-related);

• Hopper’s Sheriff hat (his defining head accessory);

• the iconic walkie talkie used by the AV Club;

• Lucas’ slingshot (another important piece); 

• Mike’s 20-sided die;

• Robin’s sailor hat;

• Jonathan’s camera;

• Max’s skateboard (which is another thing that should always be brought up when talking about ST);

• Will’s cassette tape (🎵Should I stay, or should I go?🎵);

• Steve’s nailed baseball bat (an essential);

• and of course, Dart (a great pet even though he ate Dustin’s cat)

These tokens are tempting enough to get me taking them out of the box for a game of sleuthing and searching. I got to play this Monopoly game right before the lockdown started, and my friends and I have never had more fun!

We raced between tunnels to buy as many properties as we could. The game only intensified every time one of us found Upside Down cards which provide special powers and can change fortunes.

A true Hawkins experience indeed.

If you’re interested to get ahold of this Stranger Things masterpiece, head on over to The Little Things online store and get ready for one big monopoly adventure.

For The Love of Hummus

Happy belated International Hummus Day to all hummus lovers like me!

On May 13th, we celebrated a special day that unified the world once again. Hummus, no matter how small or big the serving is, brings ultimate joy to me as it’s not only good for dipping veggies into, but it’s actually pretty easy to make! And of course, it goes without saying that it’s as healthy as we want it to be.

My favorite combination of ingredients when making homemade hummus are chickpeas, lemon, and olive oil. It doesn’t have to be all that fancy all.

This dairy-free, gluten-free, nut and meat-free food goes with everything, from carrots, chicken, to pretzels and crackers. So every time I’m in the mood for these, but still want to get enough nutritional value, I just whip up all my needed ingredients and puree away!

My all-time and any-season favorite partners for hummus are carrots, cucumber, and toasted bread. See? It’s truly the easiest-to-make dip for all these simple types of food.

And speaking of this celebrated food, the pop culture café Seedology also has some of the best hummus platters in the city. Whenever I visit and craving for hummus, I settle in for their options:

ORIGINAL HUMMUS, which has practically my favorite ingredients: olive oil, lemon, and chickpeas but mixed with Tahina; BEET HUMMUS, made with chickpeas with beetroot juice; GARDEN HUMMUS, made with chickpeas blended with baby spinach juice. 

These dips are perfect partners for veggies and are professionally whipped, made with precise ingredients to bring about the ultimate taste. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with these too! 

I also love how there are so many interesting facts about hummus.

Like, how “Hummus” is “chickpeas” in Arabic. I’m sure not all people all over the world realize that they’re speaking Arabic when they say the word hummus *wink emoji*.

Hummus has also been around since the 12th Century. Among its many health benefits, that have been proven for over many generations, are fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin C, and iron. 

And if you’re health conscious like me, especially in times like this, you’d be glad to know that hummus can help reduce hunger cravings, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of certain cancers. It’s a super mighty food made with no complications at all. 

Amazing, right? Now get yourself moving and puree your worries away!