Where are my gamers at? It’s 2020 and technology has become bigger than ever! Bluewaters Island has got you covered with all the gaming essentials. 

Manga, anime, and comics have come from gaming, and vice versa. Our favorite games are adapted into comics or movies, and at the same time adapted into video games. It’s a cycle that has been around for many years now, and it’s essential in pop culture. As someone who has a fondness for games and who owns a Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox growing up, I wanted to share a handful of experiences.  

The launching event for the Gaming HQ, held in Bluewaters Island, was packed with excitement and intense matches for Tekken 7 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Gamers across the region gathered for a night of tournaments and, of course, an indulgence of great food courtesy of Seedology Cafe. It was a gathering of one common interest- for the love of gaming!  

There was no denying it that gaming has become an important part of our recreational and social life. It is no longer just a reason to pass the time, but it also has become a great help to us in exercising different skills that we can use in real life, like problem-solving, logical thinking, and people skills. Bonding over games is a perfect way to strengthen friendships or make new ones. It also brings us closer to the characters that we have grown to love.

In 2018, Forbes has mentioned that gaming actually has a benefit to society, over 40% of gamers showed improves emotional well-being. An article published in Engadget in 2017, mentioned cognitive games help to indulge one’s brain in constant stimulation, thus improving the brain’s performance, just as physical exercise helps in improving and strengthening our muscles. 

The world of gaming is getting bigger every day, and more people are engaging in its day by day.  Different types of games are being created all over the world allowing you to tap in your hidden potentials and strengthening it. Head on over to The Little Things, and let your gaming adventures begin!

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