Bruce Wayne has his batcave, the X-Men have Xavier’s school, and Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. If not all, majority of superheroes have their own hideout or headquarters. 

We are all superheroes, everyday we brave the streets to make a difference in our lives and our families. As heroes, we deserve to have a place of refuge where we can relax, reenergize and restore our powers. You probably have your own special fortress. And if not? Fear not, because The Little Things and Seedology have combined forces opening up at Bluewaters Island!

It’s a place where heroes like you and I can take a breather and relax after a day of hard work.

The Little Things x Seedology, named as such for being the flagship store of the two brands, offering a wide array of items, from collectibles, novelties, and apparels. Add to that an amazingly aesthetic cafe with the most fun approach to coffee, juice drinks, burgers and pizza and a whole lot more!

Located in Bluewaters Island, one of the most perfect emerging locations in UAE, Dubai. The breathtaking sea view also makes it a perfect recreational spot for all of us who crave to be close to nature while relaxing. It’s not just your typical shop-and-cafe combo. It’s a place where you can retreat and disconnect for a little while from the busy fast-paced life in the city and to recharge the superhero in you. 

The Little Things X Seedology has brought to life pop culture through artistic pieces which tourists and locals alike can enjoy or collect- includes figures, Funkos, gadgets, one-of-a-kind novelties, posters and other goodies. All the heroes and heroines that we look up to and aspire to be are well represented in this outlet. And all other things we use on daily basis is found here! 

Meanwhile, the little aesthetically-enticing Seedology café is a perfect place filled with delightful drinks and meals ranging from sandwiches to pizza, to chia and acai bowls!

That’s right, it’s not just a place of shopping experience, it’s also satisfies our tummy too! The delicious food offered here will not make you worry about your diet or your health as everything is nutritious enough to give you an immunity boost. 

Seedology differs from other cafes that I can find all over the city. I think of it as a home away from home as it’s really comfortable to hang out here. Aside from its unique and nutritious recipes, it also offers a look and feel to its interior that makes you feel like you’re in a completely different world filled with magic, fantasy, and adventures through board games, video games, comic books, or videos from Youtube or Netflix.

While enjoying the scrumptious food, an in-house gaming equipment namely of Nintendo and PS4 is available for your entertainment. There really is nothing to bore you here. Every corner of the store truly gives out an experience that makes me want to come back everytime. The collections, the food, and the recreational activities will allow anyone to recharge and unwind.

The Little Things x Seedology delivers an out-of-the-world experience for geeks, gamers, and foodies everywhere. All types of people, all kinds of heroes, are welcome here.

An amazing home away from home. This is a great ‘headquarters’ where we can be who we are and where we can recharge the strength and energy to start another day of saving the world. An unforgettable experience is truly guaranteed here!

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