For the love of quirky adventures! 

What do geeks, gamers, Funko fanatics, and anime lovers have in common?

It’s their love for quirky adventures!

It’s that time of the year again! Geeks, gamers, Funko fanatics, anime lovers, and a hundred more varieties of amazing people have gathered from all over the Middle East and the world to celebrate the three-day Middle East Film and Comic Con 2020!

Cosplayers, amateurs, students, children and adults, put on their best attires, their best costumes, makeups, and carried their amazing props, armors, weapons, and brought to life hundreds of superheroes, comic book and movie characters, game avatars and anime heroes and heroines.

The Little Things had one of the biggest booths and delivered an exceptional presentation displaying the magnificent Tsume Exclusives, acquiring admiration from local and international fans and patrons alike.

Tsume Art, a world-famous Anime sculpting art company, released Shanks from One Piece during the event and for the very first time in the history of MEFCC, the exclusive Black Grandizer which got sold out in just eighteen hours!

Tsume is a popular company who has been creating high-quality figures and products since 2010. It’s a company that started out being run by only one person, but due to the undying passion for anime and manga, Cyril Marchiol, the founder, was able to turn it into a big company that is known all over the world.

Its products are by far the best fit for what The Little Things is aiming for- delivering only the greatest quality of products to fans everywhere. It was truly a great honor for TLT to be chosen to launch the newest Tsume exclusives.

The Little Things and Tsume had an impressive team-up this year, as they always do.

If you’re planning to go to Comic Con next year, you mustn’t miss The Little Things’ booth. It’s a truly extraordinary place where you can be your nerdy, funky and quirky self!

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