Warm season is here again! You know what that means? It means indulging yourself with your favorite tropical and cool food, drinks and snacks!

Good thing that Seedology Café has got you covered! Seedology offers a long list of choices, be it snacks or thirst quenchers.

One of our most famous options in the menu is the Love Spell Acai packed with nutrients and absolute goodness! I had taken some inspiration from a lot of spices, herbs and seeds and I took my favorites – yogurt and saffron – mixed it together, and voila! The Love Spell Acai.

This delectable treat was brought into existence by a desire to create something that people of all ages will appreciate. With its tasty pureed acai, topped with mixed fruits and flakes, my brother and my mother couldn’t help but fall in love with its goodness! And thus, it is named Love Spell and it continues to offer an explosion of tastes that will surely satisfy dessert- and fruit-lovers.

The banana, strawberries, kiwi, dragon fruit and pomegranate all gave a tropical feel, and the granola, almond flakes, mint, and Seedology’s own chia pudding offered a burst of unique combination of flavor.

The Love Spell Acai bowl totally lived up to its name as it’s instantly become a top favorite of the masses. It has always been a bestseller and it truly deserves the spot!

With that said, I believe that Love Spell Acai is a snack for all seasons. It’s unique take on acai bowls make for a truly delectable experience, something that everyone will undeniably love.

So whenever you’re in town, visit Seedology Café either in Al Wasl or Bluewaters and try their Love Spell Acai. You can also check out their other Acai bowls and discover more tropical goodness!

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