An Intuitive, Inquisitive and Informational Placemat

Waiting for your food order has never been more fun at Seedology!

Presenting, Seedology’s very own placemats filled with amazing games, facts, how-to, and riddles that will surely get your neurons buzzing while awaiting your food. 

You can enjoy different mini games like word search puzzle or a little riddle. A Sudoku puzzle can also be found on this cool placemat allowing you to strategically place the right number in the columns and rows. 

There’s a how-to section showing how to properly eat the Chia Pudding — scooping it from the bottom up to get the nutritious fruity goodness all at once! Who would have thought it is this way of eating them? 

Then, there comes the meat of the placemat- the facts and figures of who these tiny chia seeds. Did you know that chia seeds has:

A 100% more fiber than bran flakes? 

And 100% more potassium than bananas? 

And what a mind-boggling fact- 500% more calcium than milk?  

Cast your eyes on this, 700% more omega-3 than salmon!! Amongst the many other benefits! Who would have thought that such small, tiny, bits of seeds have such a tremendous, grand and magnificent amount of goodness in them? 

Time to walk the walk and see for yourself at Seedology Café. 

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