Seedology has taken the fruit game to the next level!

Avocados have never been more delicious. As this fruit is known for its good fat and other health benefits, we at Seedology came up with a recipe that will allow customers to enjoy every bite without worrying about the carbs.

Cue in the aesthetically pleasing and instagrammable Mighty Avocado!

We opted for the long bread instead of the usual circular one to give our customers the feel of the length and depth of this burger. Add in the sauce and the spread made of chickpeas and mixed herbs and spices and you got yourself a unique and healthy delectable meal.

The Mighty Avocado truly is a majestic feature of Seedology. Its appeal to food lovers has bumped it up to our list of bestsellers! You should try it and experience for yourself the scrumptious flavor of Avocado, but with a twist!

See you in Seedology!

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