It’s something simple to look at, but indulge in it and you’ll find it’s just simply sensational!

Combining the deliciousness of the Lotus biscuits, whipped cream, and special ingredients, Seedology has created a simple smoothie for those days where you need an uncomplicated treat to satisfy your cravings.

Presenting, the marvelous masterpiece made with the gentlest of processes, Seedology’s very own Lotus Smoothie.

It’s a real treat everytime I’m craving for something sweet but don’t have the time to go home and
make a smoothie myself. I can just head on over to any of Seedology’s branches, Al Wasl Square
or Bluewaters Island and order up a glass.

Their special way of making a basic simple drink into something spectacular is what made me a
fan of Lotus Smoothie.

This smoothie is perfect for both special occasions and ordinary moments. It’s simplistic take
allows for a relaxed indulgence while delivering a sweet flavor and a fun twist through the biscuits
and the crumbs. Enjoying a smoothie has never been more zen.

Head on over to Seedology and enjoy this sensational delight. See ya!

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