Here’s an awesome way to keep your favorite characters close to heart while waiting for the next season to drop!

I’ve been following the journey of the iconic Heist team and I am still not over how Season 4 had turned out, which I had talked about in another blog feature.

One good way to hold onto the memorable experiences that this series give us is to find the most amazing collectibles which we can keep even long after the series ends.

It’s great the we can find a lot of memorabilia’s in The Little Things, from keychains to Funko Pops!

These cute little figures are perfect for your shelves or office desks! The Money Heist Funko POP will truly serve its purpose as a reminder that a well-written and directed show has captivated millions of people from different parts of the world and that each character has touched our lives in some way. 

Collecting souvenirs from Money Heist is our way of expressing our love and appreciation to our favorite characters. It’s like keeping Oslo, Moscow, Berlin and Nairobi alive in our minds. Or keeping the whole team together through collecting each one of them. These mementos can also be our way of showing how we understand the issues and symbolisms that are tackled and portrayed in every season. They can serve as a reminder of our beliefs and principles that were personified through the characters of the show.

Money Heist did and continues to leave an impact to the world and what better way to celebrate its success than collecting mementos? 

Can’t wait for Season 5 and to see the team rocking the world again!

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