Another day at home means another opportunity to cook a world-class meal!

Today’s special is my very own spaghetti recipe. This popular type of noodles has been part of my culinary adventures for as long as I can remember. And throughout the years, I have experimented with different ways and recipes to make a spaghetti meal.

For today’s lunch, I went with the healthy options, choosing white sauce and a few chicken nuggets.

Spaghetti with Chicken Nuggets and White Sauce

White sauce is known for its high content of calcium and protein, which a this time sounds like a good news as we all need to boost our health to avoid getting sick. Add in the equally healthy chicken meat known for packing vitamins and minerals good for the brain and the heart.

It’s a really simple dish to make and enough to give a fancy food experience without compromising one’s diet. It’s just the perfect balance of delightful and nutritious.

Stay tuned for more scrumptious food features!

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