A Grendizer towering at 2.5 meters! Epic!

Towering at 2.5 meters, this grandeur figure made its journey to UAE, Dubai from Luxembourg. Designed and crafted meticulously by Tsume to all the fans out there bringing nostalgic memories and good days. 

Grendizer is a popular character developed by Japanese manga artist Go Nagai in 1975. The Grendizer found popularity in France, Quebec, and Italy. It also eventually reached the United States and in the 1980s, it found its way into the Arab world. Up until today, Grendizer is still loved by many, both old and young fans. 

The Little Things was proud to host the unveiling of the latest masterpiece from Tsume-Art. 

The biggest, magnificent Grendizer statue!

A Tsume Wave Black Grendizer was also released alongside it. There are only 100 pieces of this magnificent Dubai Exclusive figure all over the world!

The unveiling event for the two Grendizer figures was graced by the Tsume team, including Tsume-Art founder Cyril Marchiol, and the Japanese consulate. Fans were also present in the event and were the first ones to get their hands on these limited editions. 

The Grendizer series’ 74 episodes are still alive in this generation, thanks to the fans who continue to love the hit show. Tsume-Art also continues to keep the character alive through the amazing figures and statues they craft. 

Can’t wait to see what Tsume will be crafting next. 

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