The Captain of the Red Haired Pirates, the Yonko Emperor, the former Cabin Boy of the Roger Pirates is back bigger and better!

Shanks, the legendary and powerful pirate in the Grand Line, comes alive through Tsume-art’s latest masterpiece.

Tsume has created a high-quality statue of Shanks boarding the Moby Dick, advancing towards Whitebeard.

In this figure, we can see Luffy’s childhood hero walking towards the captain, while the crew members drop down after his passage.

This statue recreates the scene where Whitebeard receives a letter and demands that the author delivers the message face-to-face. He also demands that the author brings good alcohol. Hence, Shanks arrives dragging a huge jar of Sake, which is painted ‘the best tasting’ since it was made in West Blue, Shanks hometown.

The statue is so well-detailed that we can clearly see Shanks determination on his unshaven face, the frowing brows, and the intricate scars on his left eye, reminding us of Blackbeard. His signature red hair and long black cape are also made with the utmost represention of being swept by the see winds.

Tsume did not fail to perfectly carve Shanks as we can see the knot which reminds us of that time he was saving Luffy’s life and his arm was torn off by a sea monster. It is one of the many reminders of Shanks’ greatness and strength.

While passing, with his long saber, two crew members are seen shattering violently on the ground, which is shown by the transparent resin foam coming our of their mouths and by the ropes that fly away. 

Amidst Shanks’ soft and friendly nature, his rank and power is undeniably represented in this HQ statue.

With its intricate and well-crafted details, from Shanks himself to the crew members and to the design of the ship that is absolutely close to the real thing, I can say without hesitation that Tsume has delivered once again a masterpiece that every One Piece fan can love and be proud of.

The Shanks HQ statue was revealed during the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2020 courtesy of The Little Things. This release is proof of the long-standing team-up between The Little Things and Tsume.

Seeing the figure in all its majestic glory makes me much more excited for Tsume’s next reveal!

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