One of the greatest and most iconic Dragon Ball stars has just celebrated his special day!

In 2015, the Japan Anniversary Association “officially” recognized May 9 as Goku Day, basing it on how the numbers 5 and 9 are read in Japanese as “Go” and “Ku” respectively.

Goku, a.k.a. Son Goku, has been a fan favorite and a popular character in the anime universe ever since his first appearance in 1984. He is also considered as carefree and cheerful, but serious and strategic-minded when in battle.

Goku’ character is well-received by fans of different ages and is considered a good source of comedy. He is such a famous character that he truly deserves to have his own special day.

This special day brought nostalgia as I remembered all my favorite scenes in Dragon Ball. One of the trademarks of Son Goku is his amazing fight scenes with his rivals. These battles are so historical that it’s actually pretty hard to pick a favorite. 

However, I was able to choose a few that I’m excited to see again everytime I re-watch episodes. 

3. Goku Vs. Broly

Now this battle is truly iconic! The best of the characters team up to fight one of the most dominating forces in the Dragon Ball universe: Broly.

This is one of the scenes I could never move on from because it features the great characters Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Future Trunksgoku, and Goku himself! Talk about a legendary team-up!

To avoid spoilers, here’s a little hint as to what made this a personal favorite: This historical team-up of three generations of the Dragon Team changed the fate of Broly forever.

2. Goku Vs. Frieza

Frieza is considered as a constant threat and a nightmare that no hero stands a chance in his presence. 

Events that transpired in this episode led to Goku seeking vengeance (which I’m sure you’re aware of, but if you haven’t watched that episode yet, I will respectfully provide no spoilers! Go on and watch it first)

Son Goku’s battle against Frieza was the moment that the legend of the Super Saiyan became reality and became a hallmark of the series. This was also the first time someone overpowered Frieza. 

It’s a turning point in history which is why this battle is almost at the top of my list.

1. Goku Vs. Vegeta

Now this is my topmost favorite! What I love about this battle is its perfection. This fight was Goku’s real one after his training, and, to not spoil anyone in case you haven’t reached this episode yet, there are a lot of techniques showcased in this fight, without it having to drag on.

I believe that this is just the greatest fight ever to commence in Dragon Ball. I never get tired of going back to this episode, seriously.

Well, all three of these fights are amazing in their own way. They are so perfectly executed, showing each of the character’s strengths and witnesses, and giving justice in the end of each fight.

Goku’s Day got me all nostalgic, and I’m sure it’s the same for you too. Comment down below and share your favorite Goku hits!

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