Straw Hat Luffy is a year older!

Fans from all over the world, including me who’s a fan for as long as I can remember, cheered in joy and celebration for Monkey D. Luffy’s special day last May 5th! This amazing pirate who is on his path to becoming a Pirate King has added another year to his awesome life. 

To commemorate his greatness, here are few of my favorites among Luffy’s fights and attack techniques:


This is a fight that shows Luffy as an underdog, not using any amount of brute force or power boost. It’s just his strength and willpower, and this shows how natural he truly is as a fighter!

No matter how Lucci appears stronger, Luffy pushes himself to the limit to save Robin. With the last of his strength, he delivers endless multiple and fast punches, with so much force that it brought enough damage to Lucci, causing his defeat.

I love this fight because it shows how much Luffy will take risks to save the important people in his life.


Luffy is known for his awesomely executed techniques. One of my top favorites is this Gear Fourth version.

I love how this attack centers on speed. Luffy releases this attack technique by jumping into the air, arching backward and compressing his arms as much as he could, leans back even more, and then unleashing a series of rapid-fire attacks.

This technique blows my mind every single time. 


Another fight favorite of mine is the one with Doflamingo. He’s one of the greatest villains to ever be introduced in the series. 

In this battle, Gear Fourth is executed by Luffy as he faces the ruthless agent of chaos. Doflamingo is considered as Luffy’s greatest opponent, thus making this fight a truly epic one.


Now this technique is considered as one of the most destructive moves Luffy learned during his two-year training on Rusukaina.  

After compressing his arms, Luffy blows into his forearm expanding it exponentially before slamming this ginormous fist straight at his opponent. In one of the fights where Luffy used this technique, the force is so strong that it disturbed the waters surrounding Dressrosa, a true portrayal of a King’s magnificent strength!


My topmost and all-time favorite fight scene is the one with Katakuri, the one with the bounty of 1 billion berries. I actually waited excitedly for this most anticipated fight in One Piece.

This fight centers on an epic clash of Conqueror’s Haki. Luffy seems to be almost losing, but just in time, he is able to reveal a new Gear Fourth Form called the Snake Man, which secured him his victory against Katakuri. Luffy really does have a lot of surprises up his sleeves.

These are just a few of my favorite Luffy moments. He truly is a great hero and he deserves this recognition on his special day.

Share your favorite Luffy moments through the comment section below!

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