Quarantined with your family or friends? Here’s a way to fight that lockdown fever together!

If you’re itching to find a new adventure even if you’re just at home, Hasbro and The Little Things got your back! Get your game faces on and join the AV Club and the rest of Hawkins Heroes for a game of monopoly.

It’s Stranger Things time with the Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly set. 

The box resembles the vintage 1984 TV as shown in the show, and the board shows images of different scenes. I really think this is a really nice touch to pay homage to this legendary show. 

While the visual structure of the board game still retains that of a typical Monopoly game, the houses and hotels are replaced with forts and hide-outs. These hide-outs glow in the dark! One of the properties is the Starcourt Mall, which is a concrete reminder of the famous battle between Eleven and the Demogorgon. Additi300975937637919onally, the regular 6-sided dice is MIA, as it’s replaced by a 4-sided die which glows in the dark as well! It really makes me feel like I’m in Hawkins and the Upside Down.

My favorite part of the entire board game is the set of tokens. They are literally like little mementos from the show.

We have:

• Eleven’ Eggo (which seriously should always be present alongside anything Stranger Things-related);

• Hopper’s Sheriff hat (his defining head accessory);

• the iconic walkie talkie used by the AV Club;

• Lucas’ slingshot (another important piece); 

• Mike’s 20-sided die;

• Robin’s sailor hat;

• Jonathan’s camera;

• Max’s skateboard (which is another thing that should always be brought up when talking about ST);

• Will’s cassette tape (🎵Should I stay, or should I go?🎵);

• Steve’s nailed baseball bat (an essential);

• and of course, Dart (a great pet even though he ate Dustin’s cat)

These tokens are tempting enough to get me taking them out of the box for a game of sleuthing and searching. I got to play this Monopoly game right before the lockdown started, and my friends and I have never had more fun!

We raced between tunnels to buy as many properties as we could. The game only intensified every time one of us found Upside Down cards which provide special powers and can change fortunes.

A true Hawkins experience indeed.

If you’re interested to get ahold of this Stranger Things masterpiece, head on over to The Little Things online store and get ready for one big monopoly adventure.

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