Another day in quarantine means another day of talking about one of the most important topics in the world: FOOD! 

Foodies, hear me out, our topic for today is a staple here in our country. It’s one of the most popular fruits here… Can you guess what it is? 

Well, it’s dates! These little fighters are more than their size and what they look like. And you can make many types of delicacies out of them! They’re literally used as ingredients in many dishes. Other times, they’re served with other fruits and nuts, and they can also be dipped or covered in chocolate! Magical, right? 

Well there’s more to that. Many chefs and food experts keep coming up with different dishes that involve dates. In Seedology Café- the main focus is bringing twists to typically normal food, for both children and adults to enjoy.

It features breadsticks and a blend of date molasses & sesame paste garnished with sliced pistachio! And a pretty catchy name: DATELLA! 

What I love about this – and I’m sure you would too – is how the dip came about. A proportionate amount of date molasses is blended with sesame paste to give off that unique balance that is actually quite too good to be described in words. Each serving of the dip is a delicious reminder of Emirati delicacies that people of different nationalities can taste and enjoy. 

The creation of Datella was inspired by a desire to develop a snack that matches the taste of adults and children alike. It also embodies the influence of dates in the country’s cuisines. Adding the sesame paste adds an additional benefit and serving it with the breadsticks are a unique twist that is perfect for anyone who wants to explore new palatable adventures. 

Growing up, I enjoyed crackers and breadsticks dipped in chocolate and other sugary dips that satisfy my sweet tooth. Now, I look at opportunities in which I can turn sugary food into healthy ones. And thus, many experiments were done to find the perfect composition of date molasses and sesame paste to satisfy that sweet craving. 

Dates are high in antioxidants, fiber, and they are a great healthy substitute for white sugar. Sesame seeds are also a great source of fiber and vitamins and has shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure inflammation amongst many other benefits. 

The best way to truly capture the essence and understand what makes Datella so perfect is to try it for yourself. Put on your inquisitive hat and try out this new dish, only available in Seedology Café. I can’t wait to hear about your experience in trying out Datella!

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