Congratulations is in order for the coolest pop culture cafe in town!  

Guess who won a spot in the top 10 Hidden Gems for Dubai Food Festival?

You got that right! It’s Seedology Café, one of the best cafés the city has to offer! 

Seedology Café made its staff, patrons, and newbies proud as it snatched up a place in Zomato’s Hidden Gems. 40 food places — equally scrumptious and beloved by customers for their signature dishes and offers — competed for the coveted Top 10 places. People all across Dubai voted for their favorites, to help feature them in Dubai Food Festival.

There were plenty of restaurants to choose from, ranging in different cuisines originating from various parts of the world, like Filipino, Chinese, Mexican, European, and of course, Emirati.

Dubai Food Festival and Zomato truly shed light to the undiscovered magic of these 40 restaurants, and on the day of the announcement of winners, the light shone brighter as the Top 10 were unveiled.

It is indeed a proud moment to all Seedology fans and especially for me to witness how this café has beaten all odds and is among the top Gems of Dubai! 

Seedology Café which is only 2 years old has already been consistently climbing up to greatness. Who knew a once-simple food place with only one branch could grow bigger and bigger within just a couple of years?

Well, I together with other patrons, have always known that no matter how a restaurant or cafe started small, its success will always depend on its service to the customers. Seedology has proven once again that it offers top quality service and dishes that will consistently satisfy your taste buds and dining experience.

For two years, I have witnessed the growth of Seedology, but the humility and uniqueness in its food still stands out among others. Being health conscious has never been this fun, and that’s what Seedology is aiming for: to cater to healthy guilt-free meals while satisfying our emotional and mental health at the same time through its engaging games and entertainment.

Seedology Café never ceases to uphold its mission and values to provide the best service possible, offering the city a wide array of dishes and delicacies that match any kind of palates one might have. It’s magical touch in pop culture also screams endless creativity and possibility! Being called a Hidden Gem shows that Seedology will always provide its fans with a perfect blend of healthy, funky and scrumptious meals to satisfy your cravings. 

It truly is a Gem, and it deserves all the recognition it gets. Seedology has done it again, impressively and impeccably. 

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