You know what day it is? It’s Talk-about-Epic-Characters Day!

Considering how Dragon Ball has made a big impact on almost everyone’s childhood, I figured what’s a better way to start off than with a character whose contributions surely made the series much more meaningful? Krillin has made history, not just for being Goku’s best friend, but also because of the multiple times that he died in the series. His storyline gained a lot of praise from fans, and, unsurprisingly in this modern age, resulted in hundreds of memes. Take a look at a couple below:

Even though a lot of memes poke fun at Krillin, I still can’t help but like his character. Especially the way he avenged the death of Yamcha during the battle with the Saibaimen. In commemorating the epic fight and strength delivered by Krillin, Tsume has built up a High-Quality Statue depicting the scene where a different side of Krillin was shown.

Cast your eyes on this, guys, HQS Tsume sculpture showing Krillin’s anguish and exasperation. The emotions he felt from seeing Yamcha get killed by the Saibaimen are etched on his face and body language after emitting his power move “Scatter Kamehameha” or “Scattering Bullets”. Known for being usually calm, this scene showed that Krillin can be as strong and fierce when he needs to be.

His power attack killed the Saibaimen in one fell swoop, which is depicted through the quite realistic destruction of the Saibaimen’s bodys: eyes popping out of their heads, bodies being thrown up in the air and exploding into pieces, and the LEDs enhancing the waves of Krillin’s attack.

This sculpture has perfectly captured one of the best scenes I have ever witnessed in the entire Dragon Ball Series. If you’re like me who has a fondness for having tangible mementos of historic anime moments, I can say that the Krillin Vs. The Saibaimen HQS from Tsume is the best gift you can give yourself.

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