History is made once again in the city of Dubai! 

Dubai is known for its fondness for breaking world records. With over 200 current world records, the city aimed to break another one this year.

On August 13th to 15th, the Funko company known for its vinyl figurines and bobbleheads, attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the largest packaged product mosaic.

This attempt is considered as one of the highlights of the Dubai Summer Surprises season and was hosted by the Mall of the Emirates. 

Visitors of MOE, be it Funko enthusiasts and toy lovers, or simply DSS shoppers, were all invited to witness this history being made. The mosaic is made out of the colorful and popular range of Funko Pop! collection and these all created an eye-catching giant version of Modesh, Dubai’s famous summer mascot.
Modesh is one of the most lovable mascots in Dubai and he is a symbol of summer and a great way to spread the messages of fun, joy, and sharing among children, friends and families. He’s been around since 1997 and takes over the billboards and malls of the city every summer season.

And on August 15th in the afternoon, Modesh returns and tagging along with him is his new friend Dana. They stopped by to greet and have a little chat with their fans. Not long after this get-together, the announcement began, and there were cheers and applause as it was finally declared that the large Funko mosaic is ‘Officially Amazing’!

With 157 square meters covered, the mosaic has broken the record for the “Largest Packaged Product Mosaic”! Another win for the books!

Congratulations Funko and Dubai for this amazing record-breaking event!

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