Seedology’s been brewing something hot! Christmas bells came a-ringin’, and matcha lovers came a-drinkin’!

In December 2019, a new addition to the aromatic line of coffee arrived just in time for the holiday season. Your favorite latte was given a sweet and organic twist and from it emerged the wonderful Catcha Holiday Latte.

Coffee lovers would enjoy this creamy latte and would surely love it more for that matcha goodness!

With just the exact amount of milk, coffee, and matcha, the Catcha Holiday Latte delivers a burst of flavor that just makes you keep wanting more.

Grab a glass of this gorgeous and delicious masterpiece and it will surely give you that same happy fuzzy feeling you get when Christmas arrives!

The Catcha Holiday is not only a Christmas treat. It’s available all year long!

Visit us at Seedology Al Wasl or Bluewaters Island and you sure are in for a wonderful dining experience. See ya!

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