The Dali masks and red jumpsuits are back!

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Season 4 is finally released on Netflix and the whole world was more than excited to finally binge the new episodes.

As a fan, I was also looking forward to sit and relax and have the long wait to be over. But, of course, to fully enjoy the moment, I decided to make my own snack which I can indulge in while watching.

Inspired by Seedology’s very own chia jars, I selected a few other seeds, aside from Chia, and nuts and made myself a jar of Mango Chia, with its savory sweet and sour mango slices and rice crispies.

I didn’t go with the typical movie snacks like popcorn and chips as I don’t really stock up on food like that, and I wanted something relaxing and refreshing, considering how intense the Money Heist storyline can be.

Each episode got me hooked and glued to my seat! All the twists and missiles brought by Inspector Sierra and The Professor were so mind-blowing. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode kept me on my toes and that’s why I watched the entire season in one sitting. The exhilarating roller-coaster ride of each scene is truly unprecedented!

With the introduction of new characters, both antagonists and a new member of the gang, the show took the world by storm. This season tackled a lot of serious topics as well, like gender identity, illegal detention, injustice, and resistance. Talk about diversity! The characters are phenomenal as they portray and embody the realities of life and what it means to be human. It’s a truly empathetic show that is focused on authenticity!

The fourth season gave a thrilling experience that surely left me wanting for more. Eight episodes just wasn’t enough. Now I’m left once again waiting for the next season to drop, same as everyone who has grown attached to the characters, symbolisms, and true deep meaning of the story.

So if you still haven’t gotten around to watching the latest season of Money Heist, there’s not a perfect time but right now.

Put your Dali Mask on and happy binge-watching!

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