Hey there! How’s life treating you? If you’re reading this, I guess you got curious with the title and let me give you a hint: we’ll be doing a food talk today!

You know how for the past months we are obliged to take better care of our health? Well, I have been doing that along with the help of a superfood that I’ve trusted my whole life. Even if I indulge in it everyday, I don’t worry since it has healthy fat anyway.

Speaking of… what do you call people who avoid healthy fats? 

AvocaDONT’S! (I hope this little pun brought a smile to your face!)

As you can probably tell by now, I’m an avid avocado enthusiast, because there’s just so many healthy meals we can make with this fruit. Avocados are also popular for helping relieve stress. They are rich in Vitamin B6 known to help make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences mood. Aside from this, avocados are rich in heart-healthy fat that may help to lessen anxiety.

One of my all time favorites is the easy-to-make avocado toast. It’s literally just a few steps away from being an awesome, nutrition-packed breakfast or snack!

And sometimes, when I’m out of the house and craving for it, I depend on Seedology Cafe’s signature AvocaDOS Toast. And you can never go wrong with a pair of toasts. Especially if it’s from one of Dubai’s Hidden Gems!

The AvocaDOS Toast is not your typical avo-and-bread combination. In this scrumptious platter, you have two slices of toast, with hummus spread lusciously on top of each one, topped by rocket leaves and a bunch of avocado slices. Looks appetizing right? Well, cast your eye to the other side of the platter, and a whole other adventure awaits.

That half skin of the avocado will not go to waste as it’s filled up with more avocados, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, some sunflower seeds, and sriracha sauce that bring more twists in the meal than you can imagine.

A truly simple meal packed with nutritious delight! Bravocado, Seedology!

Infographic Illustration by Jennifer Hines (Dribble)

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