Shoutout to all our frontliners- doctors, nurses, assistants, paramedics and all those who are constantly making the world a better and healthier place!

In recognition of the efforts of our health care providers in keeping the community safe, The Little Things have come up with an online engagement where 36 frontliners will get rewarded for being the heroes that the world needs at this time. A Nurse Betty Boop Funko will be given out to the winners.

All you have to do is post a creative selfie wearing their PPE and tag The Little Things and Funko MENA in Instagram. 

This small gift to our frontliners is a token of gratitude and appreciation for their unlimited support and hard work in keeping our community healthy and safe from the virus. This is a recognition of all of their sacrifices as they face the battle against Covid-19. 

Thank you, Frontliners, for you courage and selflessness. The world is becoming better because of all of you. Stay blessed. 

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